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Welcome to our sanctuary of healing and empowerment.

I am Marika, the founder of 'Let's Go CORE: Reclaiming Your Crown - From Trauma to Triumph'.

My journey, like many of yours, has been marked by challenges and triumphs. From the depths of personal trauma, I discovered the power of resilience, the strength in vulnerability, and the beauty of healing.

As a passionate advocate for holistic wellness and a guide for transformative healing, I've dedicated my life to helping women like you rediscover their inner Warrior Queens.

Together, we embark on a journey not just to heal, but to thrive. I believe in the power of our collective stories to inspire, the strength of our shared experiences to empower, and the warmth of our community to nurture.

Join us in this journey to reclaim your crown, embrace your true self, and rewrite your story from one of survival to one of radiant triumph.

fostering a world where Warrior Queens are born, thrive, and lead.

heal • grow • thrive

This is a sanctuary where the echoes of past traumas transform into the roars of triumph.

Our world is built on the pillars of safety, empowerment, and authentic self-expression.

• Here, courage isn't just admired; it's cultivated.
• Overcoming fears isn't just a hope; it's our reality.
• Setting boundaries isn't just encouraged; it's essential.
• Enjoying healthy relationships isn't just a dream; it's our daily practice.

Warrior Queens


Their Journeys of Healing and Empowerment

Warrior Queens


Their Journeys of Healing and Empowerment

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