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Hello, my dear Warrior Queens!

Today, I want to share something very close to my heart—a journey through our fears toward our bravest moments. In today’s video, I delve into the powerful transformation that occurs when we confront our deepest fears, inspired by my personal experiences and the stories of those who dared to dream big despite the odds.

Facing Our Fears

Fear often acts as both a protector and a barrier in our lives. It tries to keep us safe yet simultaneously holds us back from achieving our fullest potential. The fear was about letting go, reclaiming my voice, and sharing my story. I worried about judgment and doubted my worthiness. However, confronting these fears has been a transformative experience, teaching me that the most significant obstacles often lead to the most profound growth.

Inspiration from the Giants

We've all heard of visionaries like Walt Disney and Sylvester Stallone, who faced rejection numerous times. Yet, their determination and refusal to give up in the face of fear led them to monumental success. Their stories remind us that fear of rejection is universal, but overcoming it is a choice that leads to greatness.

Your Fear Journal

I encourage you to start a fear journal. Please write down your fears and then counter them with positive actions. For instance, if you're afraid of public speaking, please just note it down and then jot beside it a small, actionable step you can take today to overcome that fear. You could start by speaking to a small group or practising on Facebook Live.

The Bravery of Overcoming

Imagine your courage as a dam filled to the brim, ready to overflow. When you decide to face your fears head-on, that moment of overflow is when actual growth happens. It’s about pushing through the uncertainty and discomfort to a place where all your efforts begin to flow freely and nourish your life.

Join Our Empowering Community

If you're ready to transform your fears into moments of bravery, I invite you to join our Let’s Go CORE Warrior Queens community. It’s a safe space dedicated to helping you heal, grow, and thrive. We can face our fears and push through the barriers holding us back.

Reflect on the fears you’ve written in your journal. Think about the dam at 99.9% capacity — you're almost there! Today, take one small step to overcome a fear. Please share your experience in the video's comments or our Facebook group. Let’s support each other in turning our fears into our bravest moments.

Remember, you are not alone on this journey. We are together, turning our fears into bravery, one step at a time. Join us and reclaim your crown.

Let's go, CORE it's time for you to heal, grow and thrive!

With love and courage,
Marika Wessels

Hi, I'm Marika

Founder of 'Let's Go CORE: Reclaiming Your Crown - From Trauma to Triumph'. My journey, like many of yours, has been marked by challenges and triumphs. From the depths of personal trauma, I discovered the power of resilience, the strength in vulnerability, and the beauty of healing.




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